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Turkey Salad Recipe - Can it Make you Lose Weight or Not?

Americans have a special fondness for turkeys.  This is why we like preparing turkey even when it's not Thanksgiving.  Although some people tend to think that turkey is not a healthy source of meat, the truth is that turkey meat is very much like chicken in the sense that it can be made into a healthy dish depending on which part of the turkey meat you plan to eat and of course, on how you would prepare the dish.  For example, if you would like to have turkey salad for lunch, you can opt for a turkey salad recipe that is not as fattening as the other salad dishes.

4th A turkey salad recipe usually involves using various choices for salad dressings, turkey meat, garnish and spices.  The typical turkey salad is created by combining the following:

1. Turkey meat,
2. Pickles,
3.  Hardboiled eggs,
4.  Spreadable cream cheese, and
5.  Dijon mustard   

By combining the ingredients together, you can come up with a delicious turkey salad.  Note, though, that this turkey salad recipe is not the healthy variation.  To make a healthy turkey salad recipe, you should substitute mayonnaise to spreadable cream cheese.  Add some garlic to the mayonnaise so that you can counter the content of excess fat in the mayonnaise.  You might also want to add some veggies to this salad treat to make it healthier.  Lettuce, potatoes and carrots would be great in making your turkey salad recipe a sumptuous and healthy treat. 

A Potato Soup Recipe that can Fill you Up
4th Many people order potato soup in restaurants without really realizing of how fattening the potato soup recipe in most restaurants are.  Not only are these treats too creamy and tasty for your own good, you also do not have an idea what particular fattening ingredient they added in the soup.  To enjoy a potato soup treat without having to worry about gaining weight, you might consider a potato soup recipe that sticks to the basic ingredients.  Such include:

1.  Potatoes. cut into bite-sized pieces,
2.  Chicken broth,
3.  Milk,
4,  Cream,
5.  Onion,
6.  Celery,
7.  Spices

While a typical potato soup recipe will make use of the ingredients above and add a few more fattening ones such as bacon and butter, you can create yours without using these two.  As we all know, bacon is a deadly food item. It is laden with fat and cholesterol - it's absolutely bad for your heart.  So instead of using bacon, just stick to chicken breast fillet.  As for using butter, just substitute olive oil. 

When you are preparing recipes like this potato soup recipe, make sure that you consider the ingredients you are using.  You can substitute other ingredients for healthier options. Moreover, you can also opt for food items that have less fat in them.  For example, instead of using full cream milk, use skin milk or non-fat milk, instead.  Same goes for the cream.  Instead o using heavy cream, just choose a light variation.  Or create your own half-and-half as that would create a similar effect in our potato soup recipe.

A Sumptuous Chicken Soup Recipe to Make you Feel Better

No doubt about it.  A chicken soup recipe is the best soup treat that can chase the blues away.  It can give you comfort.  It can even make you feel better when you have a clogged nose or you think you're coming down with the flue.  In any case, chicken soup is really wonderful for you.  But before you go ahead and serve your soup based on your chosen chicken soup recipe, think twice about how you would want to prepare your dish.  There are some chicken soup recipe variations that are ideal because they are healthy while others are downright fattening and bad for the health.  The basic ingredients for a chicken soup recipe are the following:

1.  Chicken,
2.  Chicken bouillon,
3.  Celery,
4.  Onions,
5.  Spices


To prepare the typical chicken soup, you have to boil the chicken and add the onions and celery to the pot.  Put the chicken out of the pot at the point when the chicken meat is separating naturally from the chicken bones.  Add the chicken bouillon and the spices, then serve. 

For people who like their chicken soup to be extra creamy, they may opt to include some cream and milk in their chicken soup recipe.  However, note that if you will do this, you will add excess calories and fat to your otherwise healthy treat.  So for a healthy and hearty chicken soup recipe, it would be wise to simply stick to the basic ingredients.  Another thing that you can try to make your own chicken soup recipe healthier is to exclude the chicken skin from your soup.  By excluding the chicken skin in your recipe, your soup will have less fat since chicken skin is known for its reputation as a fattening ingredient.  

A Hearty Treat: Carrot Soup Recipe

Carrot soup recipe is just the thing to keep your positive vibe even when the weather is really bad.  If you and your family are stuck at home, that would be the best time to serve carrot soup.  Carrot soup is not only filling and delicious, it is also very healthy.  Carrots are vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals so it would be a wonderful option to serve a delectable carrot soup recipe to your family.  Here's what you will need for the recipe:

1.  Carrots, peeled, sliced and diced,
2.  Butter,
3.  half and half,
4.  vegetable broth,
5.  Parsley,
6.  Spices


To cook this carrot soup recipe, boil the carrot in a pot of water.  Remove the carrots from the pot once it has softened, the add the cooked carrots and the broth in  a blender.  Set aside.  Then, in low heat, add some butter, half and half, and the blended carrots in the pot.  Use spices to your own liking. 

You would notice that this carrot soup recipe makes use of a number of ingredients that are not good for the health.  For one, it makes use of butter,  Secondly, half-and-half is also very fattening.  Although you cannot substitute other ingredients for these two, at least choose brands that have less fat.  Check the labels before purchasing them and choose the one that has the least fat in them.  This way, you can enjoy your carrot soup recipe with less guilt. 

The Basic of a Healthy Turkey Soup Recipe

There are some people who just cannot get enough of their favorite turkey soup recipe.  After all, turkey soup tastes really great.  It's a wonderful soup treat that you can enjoy after a hard day's work.  But before you decide to prepare this dish for you and your family, do check your turkey soup recipe again and see whether you are preparing this dish in a healthy way.  In a nutshell, the use of white wine and vegetables in this recipe is an ideal way to make it healthy.  But if you serve it with sour cream you are actually defeating the purpose of healthy cooking.

A typical turkey soup recipe includes:
1.  Turkey meat,
2.  White wine,
3.  broccoli,
4.  Mixed vegetables,
5.  Parsley,
6.  vegetable broth,
7.  Your choice of herbs and spices


In preparing your turkey soup recipe, you have to boil the turkey until it becomes well-cooked.  Then, set aside the cooked turkey for frying.  As soon as the turkey meat has browned, put white wine in a pot and add the turkey.  Add the broth and the vegetables.  Then, add the herbs and spices.  This recipe would take about an hour or so to prepare.

Turkey soup recipe is very tasty.  The taste of turkey meat is very rich and flavorful.  Combined with the distinct taste of vegetables and spices, your turkey soup recipe can be a very healthy treat as long as you don't add other ingredients to make it unhealthy - such as sour cream or heavy cream.  Some people like their turkey soup recipe to be extra creamy but if truth be told, it is great-tasting enough even without that added richness in the texture of the soup. 

Get Healthy with a Superb Shrimp Salad Recipe

There are many variations for shrimp salad recipe which can make this dish very flavorful and delicious.  If you are the type who likes to use heavy dressings in their salad dishes, you would obviously want to use raspberry vinaigrette or a mango vinaigrette to your recipe.  In such cases, we may say that the healthy aspect of shrimp salad becomes compromised. After all, a vinaigrette is very fattening.  The same thing goes for salad dressings that are equally heavy in texture.  So how do you make your shrimp salad recipe a healthy treat?


A shrimp salad recipe can be made into a healthy dish if you would opt to strip it down to the essentials.  Instead of using a heavy dressing or creamy sauces for the dish, you can simply stick to a dip that is not as fattening, like a healthy citrus blend.  You can also add some veggies on your salad to make it extra healthy.  A shrimp salad recipe is very tasty even without  a lot of garnish and dressings because the shrimp itself has a rich flavor.  If truth be told, adding too much extra flavor to your shrimp salad may overpower the distinct taste and flavor of the shrimp.

Shrimp is a type of seafood that is high in iodine.  It is easily cooked, too, so if you are on a rush, a shrimp salad recipe just might be your best bet.  In case you really favor heavy dressings and creamy sauces for your salads, at least make it  a point to separate these sauces from the shrimp salad itself.  This way, you can minimize the amount of extra calories in the dressing that you will put on your shrimp salad. 


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